Quick Weight Loss: The dangers of Sticking Only to Diet.

dangers of sticking to only diet

Yeah! I really mean the dangers of sticking to only diet in your pursuit to lose weight.


Of course, this must sound different to you. And is definitely different from the normal things that we are use to about diet and weight loss.


Diet is definitely an integral part of weight loss and fitness. Probably about 60-70% of the battle is diet. However, any diet without proper exercise is doomed.


One thing that most diets do not take into account is that the body has an amazing ability to adapt. Whatever diet you put into your body, it is going to figure out how to maintain itself in its current state (the state it is used to being in). If you are overweight, your body is eventually going to figure out how to stay on that weight with any diet.


I look at weight and fitness with a basic theory. It is a theory that the more I research into it, the more it proves its truthiness and validity. The theory is that the body evolved to handle the conditions that our ancestors were constantly in. If your ancestors were, say, hunters or farmers, they do probably graze most of the time. Eat constantly throughout the day.


And the diet vary from day to day. One day the hunt would be good and there would be a feast. Another day it would be just eating of fruits or something gotten from the ground. Then every once in a while there would probably be times that they could not find any food and went hungry. These are the conditions the body evolved towards and it deals with them quite well.


The main problem with those who try to diet and lose weight without


exercise is that they lose muscle mass. Losing muscle mass then inhibits the body’s ability to burn calories, thus reducing the metabolic rate. When the weight has been lost and you go back to eating normally you have already taught your body to store fat and reduced its ability to burn it.


That is the cause of the merry-go-round pattern of weight loss, which most people call dieting. It’s a sure way to put on more weight than you lose. It will definitely confuse the heck out of your body and lead to some pretty serious conditions.


Definitely, dieting alone could give you quick but temporary weight loss.


Except you are losing weight just to star in a movie or to wear a particular outfit to an occasion; I can never advice you to just stick to dieting alone as a way to lose weight. It is highly improper in the sense that there are other smaller side-effects attached to such approach.


It is no wonder the incidence of diabetes is on the rise and rapid as well. All this quick fix mentality, improper eating and lack of exercise is the road to that terrible disease.


Forget the Fad Diet, Develop Good Habits. Develop the right Attitude.


Weight loss is never a quick fix scheme, rather it is a culture in which dieting and exercising go without the other. Because, with the right culture and attitude, which I will unleash on my subsequent posts.


You will not only lose weight, but as well, learn to keep it off completely.

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