These Food You Always Consider Healthy are Really Disguised Junk Food.



Nowadays, we easily and boldly pass junk food as healthy. The world is becoming fatter and sicker these days-Kudos to the unhealthy food that we consume.


Is that bad; we consume these junks boldly, often having this feeling of “spending my cash in a great way” concept or “enjoying my life” attitude.


Surprisingly, some feel that not having time to eat healthily and eating junks alone is a pointer that “the guy/babe is a real hustler (is working hard), probably eating more junks in anticipation of pay-day”.


It may sound like a cliché, but I must re-inform you all again-that: “Health is a pure Wealth”. And that if you do not pay for your unhealthy-eating-habits now, you must surely pay for it later and it is health-wise.


It is really amazing what is passed off as healthy these days. It is insane. Would you agree with me that sugar, refined wheat flour, and saturated fats are unhealthy? I don’t think most people realize how unhealthy refined wheat flour really is. Our body is not designed for it.


Let me give you a shocker; barely few persons know that the following are junks;

–Most commercial salad dressings

–Fruit Juice (Basically, sugar-based)

–Processed “low-fat” or “fat-free” foods


–Sports drinks(Know it that these drinks are designed for athletes and you, except you are one)

–Low-carb junk foods

–Brown rice syrup (That is gotten from brown rice does not mean it is healthy)

–Processed organic foods( Note that “organic” nowadays, has turned to a marketing jargon)

–Most whole wheat products (Again, not all food products marketed to be produced from whole wheat are actually from whole wheat)

–And lots more.


See, Our bodies are better in processing raw foods than the processed foods. Though, the processed ones could be sweeter or easier to chew. But the human bodies evolved from processing raw/ moderately cooked foods; thus functions better on that. And this is why the gastrointestinal tract is long and compartmentalized distinctly.


In an unrefined state, foods are chewed and mixed with saliva. The saliva convert the complex food, say-carbohydrates into simple sugars. This process continues as the food pass through the GI tract. Slowly the food release the nutrients to the body as they passed.


This gives a constant dose of fuel to the body and the body burns the fuel at a rate fairly relative to the rate at which it received it. Since the foods were slow to burn there would not be much need for the body to release insulin. The job of insulin, by the way, is to drop blood sugars when they get too high. It does this by converting sugar into fat and storing it. On a small scale this is a good thing — the body would store small fat supplies for later use.


But what you have to remember is that most foods in their natural state do not cause much of a blood sugar boost so therefore they will not cause much fat storage in the body.


Modern technology and the refinement of certain foods are norm these days. So most food are now processed and in fine refined states; for easy/effortless consumption.


For those that did chemistry any time in their life, the smaller the particles, the faster the reaction. These fine refined/ processed food particles could be digested incredibly rapidly by the body. As a matter of fact leading to fast reaction that most of the complex carbohydrates in the processed are converted to pure simple sugar and absorbed by the body before they even leave the mouth. This is why a slice of white bread can raise the blood sugar faster and higher than a tablespoon of pure table sugar.


This creates a huge spike in blood sugar and then kicks in the insulin response. The body pumps insulin into the bloodstream to convert that sugar to fat. Now since the body had to react quickly to the blood sugar spike (high blood sugar levels are dangerous) it drops the blood sugar way too low. This then creates the hunger response, which starts the cycle all over. You have essentially turned your body into a fat creation machine.


Take a look at the foods you are eating. What is in them? You will be shocked if you really think about it.


Eat whole grains a, lots of fruit and vegetables, all natural. Also drink lots of water.

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Francis Eze

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2 thoughts on “These Food You Always Consider Healthy are Really Disguised Junk Food.

  1. Most of these foods are perfectly fine in moderation. While I’m on board with replacing the low quality vegetable oils with better quality alternatives, I’m not generally a fan of this type of approach.

    Hardly do I have a discussion with someone about nutrition without them raising the points of “good” vs “bad” foods. Context is critical.

    It isn’t that much of this is wrong per se, it’s just that this perspective almost always leads the average person to miss the forest for the trees.

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