Do You Do Late Night Eating? Here are 9 Smart Ways to Stop the Bad Habit

Always do late night eating? Here are what to do

Night Eating

This habit of eating late at night is usually not abnormal among most persons. Some days I get surprised to see myself still fall for late night eating. One thing with this habit is that it makes you eat much more calories than you really need.


Often times, people that eat late at night don’t do so that intentionally. Or that they derive fun in it. Rather it could be as a result of immediate circumstances, probably beyond their control.


However, late night eating has serious health implications such as weight gain, increased tummy fat and other weight related diseases.


Below are 9 smart ways to stop yourself from eating late at night;


1). Spot the cause: Some people eat most of their food late in the evening or during the night.

To change this habit, you need to firstly identify the cause of the problem. Some of the reasons you eat at night could be any of the following: boredom, hunger, binge eating disorder and nighttime eating syndrome. Identifying the cause will help you take the right steps to solve the problem. Night eating


2). Find the triggers: Aside identifying the overall cause of your overeating, it is very necessary to look for a specific pattern of events that usually sets off your eating behavior. If you’re not hungry but nonetheless find yourself eating at night, think about what led up to it. You may be marveled to find out that you are using food to meet a need that isn’t hunger.


3). Make use of routine: If you’re overeating because you aren’t eating enough during the day, then getting yourself into a routine can help. Having a routine for meal and sleep times can help you break unhealthy cycles of behavior.


4). Plan your meals: Planning your meals and eating healthy snacks can reduce the chances that you will eat on impulse and make poor food choices.


5). Ease off stress: Two common reasons why people eat when they aren’t hungry are anxiety and stress. However, it’s a bad idea to use food to curb your emotions.

If you notice that you eat when you are anxious or stressed, try to find another way to let go of negative emotions and relax. These useful relaxation techniques help a lot; breathing exercises, meditation, hot baths, yoga, gentle exercise or stretching.


6). Eat well throughout the day: Eating regular meals will prevent you from getting too hungry and will help you manage your cravings and food impulses.


7). Include protein at every meal: Different foods can have different effects on your appetite. If you eat due to hunger, including protein at every meal may help curb your hunger. It also help you feel more satisfied throughout the day, stop you from being preoccupied with food and help prevent snacking at night.


8). Avoid keeping junk food in the house: If you are prone to eating high-fat, high-sugar junk food at night, remove it from your house. Take any unhealthy junk food out of the house. Doing so will stop you from snacking on it throughout the night. Late Night Eating


9). Find something useful to keep you busy: If you are preoccupied with thoughts of food because you are bored, then find something else you enjoy doing in the evening. This will help keep your mind occupied.

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3 thoughts on “Do You Do Late Night Eating? Here are 9 Smart Ways to Stop the Bad Habit

  1. I have been reviewing your workouts and your eating plans. the only problem I have is I’m a binge eater. I don’t really eat a lot on a sitting, but I eat round the clock. Will it be healthy if I replace the snacks with veggies and healthy nuts? The honest truth is that I have tried stopping late night eating but it has always failed me.

    • Jenny,

      That’s a good idea; replacing most of your snacks with veggies and healthy nuts. Also, follow the steps in my post. You may not stop eating late nights in a couple of weeks, but if you stick to this plan, you will definitely conquer the habit.

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