Get Toned in Your Living Room:Workout at Home

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Get toned in your living room…not at the gym.

Good day folks!

What I’m about to show you right away will help you achieve that ever-lasting banging body you have always deserved. This is not just like any piece of crap. Whether you are a man, woman, guy or lady; We all aspire and desire for one basic thing about our bodies…


..And that is?


Each and everyone of us wants to look good always, appreciated always, admired always and be commended always. Like it or not, such admiration an 18-year old girl craves, a 60-year old woman craves such too…Don’t be marveled if I tell you that “The 60-year old woman will even crave more admiration and attention than the 18-year old girl”.


…also, those toned tummy that a lady admires on her man when he was 30, the same lady will want to still see such toned tummy and thighs on the same man by the time he is 60-something.


…and that’s why you could go to the gym and see some old men trying to do some insanity workouts. Don’t get me wrong: I am not saying that our mummies and daddies shouldn’t look even hotter than their children.


let me not digress so much


But I will like to share my experience with a 62-year old woman that I met at a wedding ceremony.


Of course, I will make the story short. I attended a wedding few weeks ago somewhere in Enugu city. Right beside me where these two women, one in her mid-fifties and the other in her early-sixties…


in a short-while, there was this other woman that came to greet both of them(the women beside me). The woman was also in her mid-fifties too and she happens to be the mother of the bride.


…one thing led to another and next thing was that they started discussing about beauty. But the baseline was that the two women in their mid-fifties were trying to let the other woman (in her early-sixties) know that they are hotter than her…


…believe me, you need to see how this woman in her early-sixties try to fight back to win the other two.


At that point, they called my attention to judge. I was already dying in laughter. I had to cut in at that point…and to side the mid-fifties women will be detrimental both emotionally and psychologically to the early-sixty woman (also knowing that it’s a 2-to-1 talk, and the mid-fifties are already winning). So, I made this particular statement to the woman in her early-sixties….


.”Ma, na only God knows how many guys actually broke their necks trying to look at you when you were younger-you look hot joor…no mind them”.


What happened next was very epic!

This woman blushed right before me…she could not help it. She also said “Thank you, my dear” in a voice that sounded close to that of a 25-year old lady….and we all laughed over it.


Why this story?


I did not tell you this story to entertain you over the wedding ceremony I attended. Rather, I told this story to buttress my point and to make you understand the need to look good physically….


…and to achieve that, you have to get toned—your belly, arms, thighs and others.


Someone said that “Looking good is a good business”. And I 100% concur to that!


I would have narrated the men version of the story…but that will be another day. So, everyone needs to look good irrespective of age.


Below, I will properly guide you on 30-minutes simple exercises that you will do at least 3-5days in a week to get back the shape you have always desired. You can choose to run the exercises everyday because that will give you a faster result…


You have to know this….


This is not a quick weight loss scheme…so if you are looking for one, here is not the right place. This exercises require you to put in nothing less that 5-weeks depending on your current look and body size.


Also, these are not forms of insanity workouts, I don’t even know why you want to subject yourself to such injury-prone exercises, coupled with your busy schedule…are you a military personnel or what? Even if you are one, are you a combatant?


What you get here,

So, what you will get in this post will be quite challenging, but very safe and advisable for you…There are many home workout DVDs you can order but some of them just go from zero to insanity right from the start and that kind of commitment can be quite overwhelming.


But here I will bring it back down to earth and still challenge you with a heart-racing, fat-burning cardio workout you can knock out in the comfort of your living room.


Who said you couldn’t get a good cardio workout by not having to go outside or to a gym? Get toned in your living room with the cardio workout below.


Get Toned in Your Living Room: Cardio Workout at Home

This is a simple yet challenging 30-minute home cardio workout which get your body toned in your living room every week. All you may need are; a jump rope and either a workout step, a bench, or the lower step on a set of stairs.


You won’t be resting in between exercises, which means you will keep your heart rate elevated throughout and sweat should be dripping in a matter of minutes.


30-Minute Home Cardio Workout

  • 3 minutes jumping jacks (warm-up)
  • 2 minutes jumping rope
  • 5 minutes walking lunge and press (weights optional) (view exercise)
  • 1 minute push ups
  • 2 minutes marching in place
  • 3 minutes jumping rope
  • 1 minute bicycle crunch (view exercise)
  • 2 minutes walking lunge and press
  • 2 minutes step-ups on bench or stairs (view exercise)
  • 2 minutes jumping rope
  • 1 minute pushups
  • 1 minute marching in place
  • 2 minutes step-ups
  • 3 minutes jumping rope


The good news is you can definitely switch up the order of things or substitute exercises as you see fit – just as long as you keep moving and keeping that heart rate up. You can do this workout as much as you want each week as long as you increase the intensity each time, but a good starting point would be 3 times per week and take it up from there, until you rightly get toned in your living room.



I will like to get your testimonies after few weeks…Just Use the comment box below. Or mail me at


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