WeET! Weekend Exercise Tips

WeET 5


Hello Buddy,


It’s yet another awesome weekend and I hope you are getting ready for today’s workout? It’s gonna be a great workout session with massive positive results from burning that fat off your body to keeping fit and healthy.


Today’s workout comes in 4 Sections

==Warm up

==Cardio Workout

==Ab Workout

==Post-workout Stretching/ Relaxation


The Workout;



  1. WARM UP

20 Mins Jogging/ Walking

20 High Knees

20 Knee to Elbow


  1. CARDIO WORKOUT (2 Sets)

25 Jumping Jacks

25 Crunches

20 Squats

15 Push Ups

25 Lunges

25 Jump Squats (Optional)


  1. AB WORKOUT (2 Sets)

15 Knee Crunches

15 Cross Crunches

10 Leg raises

10 Cycling Cross Crunches

15 Flutter kicks

10 Heel Touches

60 Secs Plank

10 Superhuman (Optional)

Click HERE for the Exercises








Click HERE for the Exercises



Rest Intervals during Workout:

a.) 10-Secs rest between two Exercises (Eg: between Jumping jacks and Crunches)

b.) 2-Min rest between two Sets

c.) 5-Min rest between two Sections


That’s all for this weekend, Buddy. I’m already getting started with the jogging. See you at the field!


Do have yourself a great workout session and great weekend.

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