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Hello Fam,

Here on WdET, you get tips on wonderful exercises/ workouts that will set your week on a great and productive path, help you achieve maximum weight loss, fitness and general health.


You have to grow the habit of having quick workouts every morning (or at least 3-4 times per week). The benefits cannot be overemphasized.


In this week’s WdET, we have the following exercises to keep that fat off and to help you get flat tummy fast…


The Workout;



20 High Knees (2 Sets)

25 Jumping Jacks (2 Sets)

25 Crunches (2 Sets)

15 Push Ups (2 Sets)

15 Knee Crunches (2 Sets)

10 Leg raises (2 Sets)

15 Flutter kicks (2 Sets)

10 Heel Touches (2 Sets)

60 Secs Plank (3 Sets)

Note: The maximum resting time between an exercise and another is 20 seconds.


And if you wish to intensify the workout (maybe for better results or you have higher endurance for just a set), these are what to to:


First, do not observe resting time between each exercise and another until you round up a set (a set is the totality of the exercises in a group).


Secondly, instead of just doing 2 sets only, you can increase the sets to 3 or more.

That’s all for the week…Wishing you all great workout session.



Do also have yourself a great, favour-filled and productive week ahead.



Remember: Weekend Exercise Tips (WeET) will be released here on Saturday morning before 5am.

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