Weekend exercise tips

It’s another Weekend. Here is the “WeET” (Weekend Exercise Tips)

Weekend exercise tips


Good morning Buddy,


It is another weekend! You can’t tell how happy I am. Aside from a break from the daily hustle and bustle, it means a lighter schedule to do what you want, and when you want it. No meetings to run off to or deadlines to make, no morning rush to work or late return to home.

You have more time to concentrate to your workout sessions. You have to sweat it out for a better health, more fit body and a better next week.


So here are some ways to get more out of your workouts this weekend;



The Workout…

To do this full-body workout, start with the jogging, cardio, followed by arms+legs then abs. Complete each circuit 2-5times as your strength and schedule allow.


-Jogging (Not less than 20 minutes)


-15 Burpees

-50 Jump jacks

-1 minute of high knee

Arms + Legs

-20 Push ups

-15 Squats

-15 Lunges (Each leg)

-10 Tricep dips


-1 minute of plank

-30 Crunches

-20 Bicycle kicks

-15 V-Sits

Stretches and relaxation

Click here for the Stretches


That’s all for the weekend. Do have a great work out session.

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