It’s Weekend Again! Here are WeET (Weekend Exercise Tips)

Weekend WeET


Hey buddy,

Welcome to the very first episode of Weekend Exercise Tips (WeET) or Weekend Workout Tips (WeWT).

Here, you get tips on wonderful exercises that will help you achieve max. weight loss, fitness and general health.

In this weekend’s WeET, we have the following exercises/ workouts…the time is in minutes


The Workouts;


0:00-5:00 — Change into your workout wears

5:00-25:00 — Warm-Up by Jogging or Walking on the Thread-mill

25:00-30:00 — 10 Jumping Jacks + 10 Bur-pees (5 Reps for Men; 3 Reps for Women)

30:00-35:00 — 10 Kettle Bell Swings + 10 Jump Squats (5 Reps for Men; 3 Reps for Women)

35:00-40:00 — 10 Push-ups + 10 Sit-ups (4 Reps for Men; 2 Reps for Women)

40:00-50:00 — 10 Jump Squats + 10 Alternating Lunges (5 Reps for Men; 3 Reps for Women)

50:00-60:00 — 60 Second Plank Hold + 10 Up/ Down Planks (5 Reps for Men; 2 Reps for Women)

60:00-75:00 — Cool Down—-Walking

75:00-85:00 — Stretch session



The Stretches

Wide-Legged Tipover Tuck (Click Here to View Exercise)

One-Armed Camel (Click Here to View Exercise)

Open Lizard (Click Here to View Exercise)

Butterfly (Click Here to View Exercise)

Half Wheel (Click Here to View Exercise)

Seated Spinal Twist (Click Here to View Exercise)


That’s all for the weekend. Do have a great work out session.


Remember: Weekday Exercise Tips (WdET) will be released here on Sunday Evening.


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