It’s WeET! Another Great Weekend

WeET dumbbells


Good morning Buddy,


It’s WeET, another weekend! I don’t know if you really feel happy the way I do? I anticipate weekends a whole lot.


Aside taking a break from the back-breaking weekly activities, it gives me such a great time to spend on my family and friends, hangout, and probably achieve other personal stuffs.


Most importantly, weekend gives me great time to take care of my health through great workouts. Trust me, weekend workouts are of greater positive impact than normal weekdays workouts.


And that’s why WdET contains lighter workouts than WeET!

Meanwhile, I hope your weekdays were great and maximally productive? In case, it wasn’t as wanted it, it’s time to let go and focus on planning for a better next week through starting your weekend with these great workouts below, which will set your body, mind and soul towards a better feel and greatness.



So, in today’s WeET (Weekend Exercise Tips), be ready to sweat it real out, burn some calories, shed off some tummy fat and set your mind for a better next week.


The exercises are in four continuous sections; targeted towards giving your whole body a fair share.


The Workout…

To do this full-body workout, start with the jogging(Warm-up), cardio, followed by arms+legs then abs. Repeat each section 2-4times (Sets) for better results or as your strength and schedule allow you.



-Jogging/Walking (Not less than 20 minutes)



-20 Jump Squats

-50 Jump jacks

-1 minute of high knee


Arms + Legs

-20 Push ups

-15 Squats

-15 Lunges (Each leg)

-10 Tricep dips



-1 minute of plank

-30 Crunches

-20 Bicycle kicks

-15 Russian Twist



Stretches and relaxation

Click here for the Stretches

Rest Intervals during Workout:

a.) 10-Secs rest between two Exercises (Eg: between ‘Tuck jumps’ and ‘Knee to elbow’)

b.) 2-Min rest between two Sets

c.) 5-Min rest between two Sections

Great workout, there!

Great weekend and Awesome next week!






Remember: Weekday Exercise Tips (WeET) will be released here on Monday morning before 5am.

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