9 Ways to Sneak in Exercises Today in order to Lose Weight


Are you among those that have the problem of daily over-tight schedule?

Or have an issue on how to create time for workouts in order to keep healthy and lose weight…

…those 8am-4pm people who always end up doing 5am-10pm daily (after waking up early to beat traffic…and at the end still have to take dinner on traffic before getting back home)

In as much as good, long workout is very important for healthy living, weight loss and controlling of heart diseases. These people still have to take care of their jobs alongside their quest for weight loss and good health.

Then, how can these people with busy schedule cope?

Long workout is my favorite way to exercise because it usually leaves me feeling sweaty, great and like I have done something.

But is been fit, healthy and ability to lose weight all about long workouts?
No! It’s just about moving your body as much as you can.

Running on the treadmill for an hour is very good, but if you then sit in an office all day and on a couch all night, you are still not treating your body the best it can be.

You need to constantly move your body throughout your day, not just when you are working out.

Fitting little little exercises at intervals throughout your day pays. It as well yields maximum weight loss result for those with very busy daily schedule.

For myself, I constantly throw in quick toning exercises or bursts of cardio throughout my day whenever it fits.

And below I am giving you just few of the quick exercises I have done passively to keep my weight under checks. You are not going to break a sweat doing these or feel like you are working very hard, but you are doing your body good.

These little exercise sessions can add up to a healthier heart, more toned muscles, and even weight loss. Give one, two, or all 10 a try.

#1 Calf raises while standing

Most times you may found yourself standing in a queue(banks, POS stands, shops or during voting) or just standing, probably waiting for someone. Instead of feeling annoyed at how long it is taking to get your errands done, work your lower legs with some calf raises. Stand with your feet close together. Slowly rise up onto your toes, then lower back down. Keep doing these until it’s your turn in line. You will feel the burn in your calves after just about ten of these.

#2 Squats while brushing your teeth

Once you get that toothbrush in your mouth, start doing squats. Sit way back and down to maximize the benefits. Try to get to 30 squats before rinsing. An added bonus: you may end up brushing your teeth longer!

#3 Biceps curls while on the phone

All phones nowadays have speaker phone capabilities. If you find yourself alone on the phone for a while, hit speaker, grab a dumbbell, water bottle, or whatever is near you that has some weight to it, and start performing biceps curls. Really think about squeezing your biceps, and even look at the muscles to help you focus.

#4 Crunches as you watch television

In this country, people watch an extraordinary amount of TV every day. If that’s the way you unwind from your day, that’s fine, but why not throw in some beneficial ab work. Get down on the floor and do crunches. Try three sets of 20. You still get to watch your favorite show, and work on whittling your middle without really working too hard.

#5 Take walks up and down the staircase

Climbing stairs is such an awesome way to throw in a little cardio, but it also works on toning your lower body as you climb. Any time you need to go up a set of stairs, walk up and down them as much as possible. This will only take you a few extra minutes, and it will give your heart rate a little boost, as well as your body.

#6 Lunges while you are in the kitchen

Kitchen is another place that you could probably be taking much time, especially if you love cooking or doing the dishes. So in between the chopping, stirring, blending and poundings, you can do some lunges to get your metabolism up a little, tone your muscles and shed some weights. You can do stationary lunges, or walking lunges across your kitchen, whatever you want.

#7 Butt squeezes while sitting at a desk or in the car

Sitting is one of my least favorite things to do. When I sit for too long, I get really bored and feel the need to move my body. I hate when I have a work conference all day where I know I’m just going to be stuck in a chair. Long car rides? Ugh! One of the only benefits of sitting is that I can work on tightening my butt without anyone noticing. All you have to do is squeeze and hold for five seconds, and repeat as many times as you want. I love this exercise so much because it helps my pubococcygeus muscles (For the males anyway…For the females, this exercise is same as kegel’s exercise). Let me not write more on the benefits…it already speaks much for itself.

#8 Push-ups before a shower

Push-ups are hard…I’m talking about real, “manly” push-ups. This could be so hard for many. But the only way to get better at something is to keep practicing it and getting stronger. Whenever I think of it, I do drop on my bedroom floor before I get in the shower and do as many “real” push-ups as I can. The hot water feels so good after working hard. There’s nothing like push-ups to make you feel strong.

#9 Do Planks before bed

Planks are your secret weapon for a tighter core. Try doing a plank every single night before bed for one month. Each night, you should hold the plank a little bit longer. This is no easy feat, planks are just as hard as push-ups. If you can do a two-minute plank, that’s pretty awesome. After a month of nightly planking, you should see a difference in your mid-section.




How do you sneak in exercise daily? Use the comment box to share with others

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