Are you among them?


Those that fear their stretch marks…Or you are among them that won’t even talk about the stretch marks.


Maybe you have decided to join the ones, who now wear those stretch marks proudly as “The Red badge of Motherhood.”


Of course, they are pregnancy stretch marks! I agree with you. The baby is not even born yet, he or she had already left his/her marks on you by the 6th or 7th month of the pregnancy.


You are not abnormal as most pregnant women, 75 to 90% of them develop stretch marks during pregnancy. And you are likely to notice them on your belly and breasts (for the lucky ones, anyway). But for the unlucky ones, you get to have the stretch marks almost all over your body; breasts, belly, thighs, arms, and buttocks…some may even include at the back of their knees.


Honestly, being a mother or going through motherhood is one of the most amazing experiences in this world. Nothing is as sweet as it….trust me.


But that is not just enough reason for you not to keep your skin in a good shape. Is even surprising how some women do neglect their skin simply because….they are already accepting their new skin (covered with pregnancy stretch marks).


Yes, I agree with you that there is no ‘magic spell’ to cast out those stretch marks. But these few steps below will actually go a long way to fade those stretch marks (if not wipe them off completely).


So, do not embrace the stretch marks as a part of the ‘New Mom Body’.


What you need to know about these stretch marks before you can clear them off….

Stretch marks are actually tiny tears in the supporting layers of tissue under your skin as it’s pulled tight to the limit during pregnancy. Rapid pregnancy weight gain can also make you more likely to get stretch marks.


Stretch marks happen when your body grows faster than your skin can keep up with. This causes the elastic collagen fibers just under the surface of the skin to break, resulting in stretch marks.


Growing that fast can leave you with stretch marks, especially on your belly and breasts, two areas that grow the most. Stretch marks can also show up on the thighs, buttocks, and upper arms.


The marks often start out reddish, pinkish or purple, but after pregnancy they gradually fade to white or gray.

And darker-skinned women are less likely to get stretch marks as fair-skinned women (plus they’re not as visible on dark skin).

Please, don’t be fooled…

Stretch marks during pregnancy cannot be avoided. It can only be faded or reduced.

At that point, your body is constantly gaining weight and stretched as well. It is only when you are done with pregnancy that you can take further steps in clearing off your stretch marks…Most preferably and effective are the natural remedies (such as the ones outlined in this eBook= How to Get Rid of Stretch marks in Less than 2 Months.)

Back to the point

Don’t fall cheap for all those creams, and lotions, everywhere in the market…promising to cure your stretch marks.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to clear stretch marks during pregnancy. There’s not a cream, lotion, or “mommy” balm that can do that — and if that’s the claim on the bottle, don’t be fooled.

Also, be mindful of the creams you use as they may have effects on your unborn child. Most of these creams with label-full of promises go beyond just your skin.


So, the only possible/ effective/ safe procedures that can fade or reduce your stretch marks (during pregnancy) and clear off your stretch marks completely (after pregnancy) are NaturalLike PURELY NATURAL


And what are they?


Tips to prevent/fade stretch marks during pregnancy

  1. Moisturize your Skin always

The secret here is starting early. Olive, almond or castor oil will certainly not hurt. Cocoa butter is a good one too. If nothing else, moisturizing daily will help with the dryness and itchy skin associated with pregnancy (plus it is fun to have your partner rub some onto your belly). Natural plant extracts which contains Vitamin E or Vitamins A (like the ones on pages 29-33 and 35 of this eBook) will help your skin tissue to stay fine.

For creams containing Vitamins (A and E), don’t be drawn in by false promises – there’s no proof these creams can actually prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. But frequent moisturizing from early stage of pregnancy can help reduce the effects by keeping the skin supple, and the action of rubbing in the cream can encourage better circulation.

  1. Massage Skin always

This is more like the first step. But this time, you need to take more time. Massaging your skin everyday with moisturizer can help to improve circulation, which encourages new tissue to grow. This will help your skin to grow more of the elastic collagen fibers. And these new fibers replace the weak out-stretched ones.

  1. Nourish your skin from the inside (Maintain a healthy diet)

It is also important to eat a balanced diet rich in Vitamins, especially vitamin E, vitamin C and Zinc that help to keep skin the healthy. Plenty of vitamin C foods in your pregnancy diet may also help keeps your skin toned and less subject to stretch marks.

In pages 43-49 of this eBook, you will find a comprehensive list of foods rich in vitamin A, C, E and Zinc.

  1. Do not eat for two (Watch your weight)

Keep an eye on that scale during pregnancy and put your weight on slow and steady. Eating for two doesn’t mean literally eating twice as much.


It’s no surprise that…


Your appetite increases at various points in your pregnancy and it is normal to put on weight, but it is not true that you need to eat so much for your baby during pregnancy.


As a pregnant woman, you need to take in extra calories to nourish baby (about 500 extra calories per day), but make sure these calories are from nutritious foods, so that you put on weight gradually and are able to shed pounds easily once you have finished breastfeeding.


As a rough guide:

  • It is normal to gain 1 to 2kg over the first 12 weeks
  • From week 12 to 28 it is normal to gain 300 to 400g  per week
  • From weeks 28 to 40 (the last 3 months) it is normal to gain 1 to 3kg per month.


  1. Always keep your skin hydrated

Always make sure that your skin has high water content at all time. Never allow your skin to be dehydrated.

At such dehydrated state, your skin is at a high risk of tearing. Hydrated skin makes your skin collagen to be more elastic. Hence, the skin is able to withstand stretching and stress.


What else…

These simple steps above will help you to reduce the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. Even, with a good skin, you are still prone to stretch marks. But, with these steps you may end up just having very little of stretch marks throughout your pregnancy.
However, these are just for the pregnancy stage….But after pregnancy, the procedures differs.

Applying the natural procedures for ‘during pregnancy’ for ‘after pregnancy’ will just waste your time. The procedures differ completely.


The whole procedures for prevention/ clear off of stretch marks both for before and after pregnancy is well detailed in a way you can easily and comfortable understand and apply them.

Just find the details in this eBook=”How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks in Less Than 2 Months”.


Other Stretch marks…

To write about how to get rid of other stretch marks aside that of pregnancy will really make this post a very long one.

However, if you wish to get extra and well detailed information about how you can clear off your stretch marks, CLICK HERE.

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