Checking Up on You!

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Hey guys!

Good day to you all!

I just wish to check up on all of you…and that’s the reason for this post.

…to ask you all about your just-concluded week-Hope it was fine and great!

Of course, work stress and daily stress are normal, but don’t allow it to weigh you down. Because at the point when it starts weighing you down, your health gets affected negatively.

So, try to create a good way to unwind at least by the end of the week….

…for myself, I hang out with friends, drink and dance.

Secondly, I decided not to bring the tips (Another significant 15 ways/steps to lose weight effectively) today, in order to help us consolidate on the ones that I had given earlier.

The last batch of the tips(significant 15 ways/steps to lose weight effectively) will come on Monday-next week.

I will leave you at this point,

Meanwhile, I wish you great times for the remaining part of the week…

Do have great weekend and a blessed/fruitful next week….xx


Eat healthily…and exercise well.


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Francis Eze

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2 thoughts on “Checking Up on You!

  1. Hey..thanks for your updates. at least I’ve cut down on my belly fat this last few weeks I’ve followed up. what do i do to cut down my HIP fat, as it seems to be increasing despite my work -outs? is there a particular diet or exercise for this??.. thanks

    • Thank you Royal for thanking me. Still stay off those foods that are unhealthy. For exercises, just focus on jogging. Be consistent with it and give it some time. Also, do ‘squats’ to make muscles around your hips to work more, and that will help you to burn the calories faster around your waist.

      Hope this info helps…

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