The Seven Truth of Successful Weight Loss: What You Need to Know



Most part of my years as a fitness trainer and weight loss manager, I noticed that most of my clients always needed a fast action approach and mechanisms.

Funny enough, some will be like:- “I have a wedding, photo shoot or this movie that I am part of. It’s next week and I need to drop off some-say 11-13kg”. And I am always like:- “Did you ever accumulate that weight just in one week? Why are you so eager to drop it off such fast?”

What am I trying to say?

Our attitude towards losing weight is very unrealistic. Some want to just drop the weight as if is their handbag/ wallet. And, people with such attitude towards weight loss end up picking up extra few weight, even after a successful fast action weight loss program.

However, I will show you as you go on to read about the Seven(7) truth about how to achieve a successful weight loss;

1). There are no shortcuts in good weight loss:- Accept that and make it your mantra

This is an amazing truth and it’s been repeated by every truthful motivational speaker out there. But, we are always deceived with our quick fix mentality. And this is why people will keep selling info products about “Lose 30kg in 10days” or “Make $10,000 in one week”, and others will keep buying, even when there is no positive outcome. Well, there is no easy way! Anything worthwhile is to be worked for.

2). Consistency is the code:

With the knowledge of “No Shortcuts”, we know that long term lifestyle changes are necessary for reaching weight loss goals. You see, the big payoffs come a little farther than we expect. In weight loss and fitness, what we expect to achieve in a week may occur in two weeks or even three weeks. Develop a long term benefit mentality. Set your mind to be consistent in your diet and training in order to achieve a lasting weight loss goal.

3). What most of us see as healthy food is really disguised junks:

It is really mind blowing what’s passed as healthy food these days. I will write more on this in subsequent posts.

4). There is no special most effective diet at controlling weight:

Diet is definitely an integral part of weight loss, but not its totality. Diet is 60-70% of the weight loss battle. However, any diet without proper exercises is doomed.

One thing most diets fail to recognize is the amazing ability of the body to adapt. Whatever diet you put in it, it will definitely device a way to adapt and maintain its current state on the diet. If you are overweight, the body is going to figure out how to stay on that weight with the diet over time. And this is the point when you begin to feel that the diet that once worked for you is now failing you. We also see such body adaptation with drugs.

5). No drugs/pills is effective in controlling weight in a healthy manner:

6). Proper mental attitude:

Frustration, depression, and negativity will occasionally show up. Having this at the back of your mind will definitely save you from failure. Maintaining a proper mental attitude is half the battle. Rejoice and reward yourself on every good achievement, but not with food or junks. Realizing that it is a long term endeavor is an essential part of this. Look at the weight loss program as a gradual lifestyle change.

7). Very important: Your genes do not dictate your weight:

Yeah, it is true that genetic make-up do play some role. Some people naturally burn fat easier and faster than others. With simple changes in diets, some people can have dramatic results. The problem with this genetic make-up stuff is that most of us easily throw in the towel once they hear that: “it is in your gene (nature)”. And you forget so fast that the blind people read with their fingers (meant my the same ‘nature’ for touch or to hold objects). Some will find it easy to lose weight while others will find it much easier. The constant remains that we all shed off that unwanted weight.

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