Welcome to 2016…Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Happy new Year

Welcome to 2016, folks!

2015 was great and amazing…but 2016 will be even greater and more amazing for all us. My prayer for you in this year is this: You will get in 2016, a kind of miracle you never thought could be possible. You will succeed beyond your plans and imagination. Be assured that the blessings and miracles which the Almighty God has destined for you will definitely locate you in 2016. And no matter how much the enemies fight to draw you back this year, they will never succeed.

In 2016, you will be a point of reference of God’s love and favour. God will use you to show that He is the I Am that I Am. This will be a year of breakthrough. No weapon fashioned against you will prosper. Your enemies will fall at your feet. God will keep you safe from all evil.

Something great, miraculous, and breath-taking will happen in your life this year. God has promised you that and it will happen. May this year be the beginning of the best years of your life and may all your hearts desires be met. 2016 will be filled with testimony for you and yours. He will turn your passion into a goldmine. May everything you touch turn to gold, Amen.

Happy New Year to you all


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