Christmas Holiday Weight Loss Tips That Will Save You From “ Had I know” in 2016.




Hi Everyone!

Hope so far the preparation for the holiday has been great?

It has been filled with hustle and bustle around my area. With many shopping spree going on in my neighborhood.

I was thinking of a better way to wish my numerous readers “A HAPPY CHRISTMAS/ HOLIDAY”.

And after a very much thought and suggestions from some of my readers, I decided to share “Tips of Weight Loss in this Christmas Holiday”.

With so many edibles and invitations awaiting us, many will fall into the temptation of eating out of control.

But I must warn you, especially the voracious eaters:

EAT WISELY, because you will still eat the whole of 2016.

Back to the reason for this post;

Below are the list of simple tips to follow in this holiday so as not to accumulate excess weight.

Not when your mates will be busy pursuing their plans in 2016, you will be busy pursuing how to lose weight.

Believe me, that is a very restless and bad way to begin the year of 2016.

Let us get down!

Follow these tips closely and save yourself from “had I know” in 2016.

Simple and Straight:

==Do Not Eat When You Feel Full

==Eat Something Before Going Out(example; for visitation, shopping)

==Take More of Liquids Than Solid Food (Non-sweetened/ carbonated drinks)

==Eat Whole Grains Instead of Carbohydrate-filled Grains (Example; any of the nuts instead of Chin-chin and other fries)

==Make Healthy Foods Available(Example; Vegetables, Fruits, Smoothies)

==Take a Few Long Walks, Swim or Exercise(You must not ride all the time because it is holiday)

==Go For Healthy Food Choices

==Eat One Big Meal Instead Of Snacking/Junking In-between   Meals

==Take a Lot of Water (Especially before going to bed)

==No Eating After 7pm (Very Important)

With these, I assure you of a very healthy and weight-free Christmas Holiday.


NB: =Do not Drink and Drive nor Drive while Drinking.

       =Drink Responsibly(18+)

       =Do not Have Unprotected Sex!


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