How to Conquer Your Gene to Achieve Maximum Weight Loss


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How to Conquer Your Gene to Achieve Maximum Weight Loss


Very Simple!


Most obese and overweight people often ascribe their weight gain to their genes. Some do blame their genes for not being able to achieve a successful weight loss.

It is very common to say “my genes are responsible for my size and I can’t do much about it.

The next 3 minutes will tell you how you can conquer you genes in other to achieve weight loss…

Whatever we are and are going to be, comes as a result of two basic facts:




Nature: This involves our inherited genes which determines most of our physical qualities, while


Nurture, involves the external/environmental factors which affects the final out come of our genes. Alternatively, nurture determines the final outcome of the manifestation of the genes’ effect on our body.


That is to say, if you have a certain gene for a particular quality; the way the quality will manifest and the degree of its manifestation is determined by the nurture you give to it. Nurture can come in various ways; as environmental factors, as behavior, or as attitude channeled to the manifestation of a particular gene effect.


A story;


In October 2014, I met Andrew.


…at a shopping mall as I was buying ice-cream and pop-corn for myself and my friends while waiting for the next movie show…


Yeah, you just read it right-Ice-cream and Pop-corn.


(They are my friends as I said: and we don’t fail to exercise regularly…Let’s say we are healthy, fit and in good/desired weight. Junks aren’t problems for us).


But there was something spectacular about Andrew! And what was that?


His massive look! Literally he is fat and overweight.

Meanwhile, what caught my attention was the look on his face as he buys the ice-cream.


The look suggested that he can’t taste the ice-cream though he craves it intensely.


Most pathetic, he was the one to get the ice-cream for his children.


The look on his compelled me to advance towards him to inquire if everything was alright. And after a bit of introduction, he felt relax and we began to talk.


I had to quit the movie, and listen to him. Because he has other pressing weight related problems than the crave for the ice-cream.


I had to quit everything, to give this guy the time and attention to explain (And this is unlike me whenever I’m out for relaxation).


One of Andrew’s problem was that he was at the verge of losing his marriage due to poor sexual performance as a result of his weight…and you can tell at this point, the seriousness of his plight.


…Trying to provide solutions of Dieting and Exercising to Andrew; He cut in and told me immediately that “He had tried all those stuff and it did not work, that in fact, it is not going to work on him.


So, I was curious to ask him why?


And guess his answer;


That the weight stuff is in his genes and he can’t do anything about it. And some experts that he had already met on weight matters told him same as well.


And this the point where I realized that both Andrew’s parents and grandparents where fat people. Also, they live large, hence not at any restriction to whatever they wish to eat or drink.


…The rest of the argument between us was so long. But the bottom line was that…


…Andrew got convinced to try losing weight once again for the sake of his marriage and children.


We kicked off with the appropriate diet, exercise and building of attitude that will help Andrew to keep off the excess weight permanently.


…after 2months, Andrew was able to drop 33kg…and after that, he continued with 3-5days per week exercise.


I forget to tell you about Andrew’s weight…


As at the time I met him at the mall. Andrew was 41 years old, 5ft 11inches in height and weighed 390 pounds (177kg)…and right away, he now weighs between 90-105kg.


Actually, Andrew was right with his gene-weight relationship. And that is always true with everybody…


…but he decided to nurture his nature (genes) depending on what he wanted. Finally, he got an amazing result which is still on till date.


Needless to say, he referred all his siblings and other overweight friends to me after their frantic inquisitiveness to know the secret of his weight management.


Surprisingly, the same method and procedures which I used on Andrew. I tried them on all the persons Andrew referred to me. It gave the same result as Andrew’s.


Details of Andrew’s weight loss program is what I will compile in an ebook once I get more request from others about their need of it… You don’t have worry because I will announce it here and it will always be on my weblog


It is true that genetics do play some role on our weight. Some people just naturally burn fat easier and faster. But others find same very difficult,otherwise, impossible. Some people can make mild changes to their diet and have dramatic results.


The problem is that it’s really easy to just give in to the assumptions of the gene not allowing one to experience progressive weight loss. Some of us will have a very difficult time losing weight. Sorry, that’s just life. But, you definitely have to lose weight, and it’s 100% achievable. Just nurture your nature properly.


The problem with blaming genetics is the same problem as blaming anything else. It removes the accountability and strips you of the drive you need to succeed. You might be saying something like, “but I have a weight problem” Yes that may be true but if you give in to that…well then you know, you have lost.

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