It’s Another Great Weekend! Are You Ready to Get the WeET?



Good morning, great people!

It’s another weekend. And you already know what we do here every weekend? In case you don’t, we simply get the WeET (Weekend Exercise Tips) and work it out, real hard.


But, before we continue, I hope your weekdays were productive and all targets/goals were met? However, if it wasn’t as wonderful as you may have wanted it, simply relax, and plan for a better next week. Because, you can’t get your last week again, never ever. However, your next week is at your disposal to make the best out of it.


Usually, the success of next week begins right from this very weekend. In essence, clear the trash of last week off your head and mind. This starts from getting your body, mind and soul together; as well as burning that fat, getting fit and staying healthy through the taking the below exercises seriously.


So then, in today’s WeET, we have the following;


  1. WARM UP



  1. CARDIO (2 Sets)

50 High Knee

50 Jumping Jack

30 Tuck Jump

20 Burpees


  1. ABS / TUMMY (3 Sets)

25 Bicycle Crunch

(1 Minute) Plank with shoulder touch

(1 Minute) V-Hold

30 Row boat

50 Mountain Climbers

50 Flutter Kicks






Rest Intervals during Workout:

a.) 10-Secs rest between two Exercises

b.) 2-Min rest between two Sets


Do have a great workout time.

But Remember: Weekend Exercise Tips (WeET) is released here every Monday morning before 5am.





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