We Are Back…Thank You All!


We all here at Loseweightng wish to announce to you all that we are back from our technical break. We also thank you all for your understanding, patience and commitment during the time of the break.

Your dedication/support were felt with your constant visit to this website as we saw from our “Visitors analytical tools”…Again, we say a big THANK YOU!

Meanwhile, we did not forget our promise to bring you all more and better news, articles and posts on weight loss issues. And on that, I wish to introduce to you all….

Weekdays Exercise Tips (WdET)” and “ Weekend Exercise Tips (WeET)”.

.In WdET (Weekdays Exercise Tips), we will give out exercise tips that will guide you throughout the weekdays. The exercises will last for 15-25minutes, and you can run it daily no matter how busy your schedule is.

The exercise will guide you through the working days (Monday-Friday or Saturday). The weekday exercise tips will be released every Sunday. This will aid us kick off with the exercises first thing on Monday morning…

…For WeET(Weekend Exercise Tips), we will give out exercise tips that will guide you for your weekend workout exercise. The exercises will last for 45-75minutes.

The exercise will guide you just for your Saturday alone. However, if you have the time, you can as well use the weekend exercise for your weekdays. The weekend exercise tips will be released every Friday. This will aid us kick off with the exercises first thing on Saturday morning…

The exercise tips will involve exercises to help you lose weight, maintain your desired weight, loose belly fat, and as well get you trimmed. Alongside this new weekly exercise tips, we will keep keeping it real by providing you with our interesting, informative, scientific-proven, efficient, effective and up-to-date posts on weight loss and other related topics.

Be rest assured that we have your interest at heart all day,our dear readers. Hence, you have the privilege to be updated on the happenings of Loseweightng as you all are the major part of us. No you,our esteemed readers, No Loseweightng!

Once again, we are very grateful for your support and understanding.




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